The BYD Blade Battery

Every BYD passenger car has high tech in its DNA:  The new electric vehicles are built on the state-of-the-art BYD e-Platform 3.0. with lithium Iron Phosphate (Cobalt-free, for sustainable, labour and safety reasons) blade battery.

BYD ATTO 3 is based on a Cell-to-Pack (CTP) platform, which means that the battery is integrated in the traditional structure of the body floor, forming a sandwich structure of the top cover, the ‘’blade battery’’ and the tray. The benefit of this advanced CTB-platform is that the car’s body can be lower, therefore has better aerodynamics and, adds to body stiffness and also offers more space for the battery pack.

How long does it take to charge a BYD?

Commercial charging 3 phase A/C 5.4 hours D/C Charging 30% to 80% 29 minutes

How long do BYD batteries last for?

They are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle similar to a combustion engine

What is the BYD battery made of?

Battery type: Blade Lithium Iron Phosphate HV battery

Who makes the BYD battery?

The battery is designed and produced internally by BYD

What happens to the old electric batteries?

When the HV battery comes to end of the life all parts are recycled

What is the Blade Battery technology?

The revolutionary BYD Blade Battery introduces new levels of safety, durability and performance.

What sets BYD battery technologies apart and from other manufactures?

With the uptake for EVs across the globe beginning to gather pace, the Blade Battery’s ultra-safe credentials sets it apart from conventional Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery technology and, BYD believes, gives it a significant USP in the EV sector. 

Safety: The Blade Battery has successfully passed the nail penetration test, one of the most stringent safety tests in the industry, which proves it will never spontaneously ignite. The Blade Battery is currently the only power battery in the world that can safely pass the test. 

What are the components used in BYD batteries and do they include Cobalt?

The Blade Battery adopts the lithium iron phosphate technology and is Cobalt free. BYD has chosen this because of safety, sustainability and labour issues.

What environmental standards does BYD have concerning the use of minerals such as cobalt in the production of lithium batteries?

The Blade Battery adopts the lithium iron phosphate technology and is Cobalt free.