BYD - The Company

Who are BYD?

  • BYD Company Ltd. established in 1995 in Shenzhen, China.
  • Listed on Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
  • Turnover €58 billion in 2022, +55%
  • 600,000 employees worldwide
  • 4 main businesses: electronics, automobile, new energy and rail transit
  • BYD has more than 49,000 engineers and technicians. As of January 2023, BYD has submitted applications for over 40,000 patent rights and owns about 28,000 patents.
  • To date, BYD has delivered more than 90,000 units of pure electric buses and coaches.
  • BYD has ranked 1st in China’s New Energy Passenger Vehicles sales for 9 consecutive years (2014 - 2022).
  • BYD ranks 1st in China’s new energy vehicles for 10 consecutive years (2013 - 2022).
  • BYD is the first manufacturers globally to produce three million new energy vehicles.
  • By March 2023, over 3.9 million BYD NEVs have been produced for operation in 70 countries and regions, and 400+ cities around the world, reducing CO2 emissions by 29 million tonnes.
  • BYD Europe was established in 1998. BYD is the world’s leading NEV and is coming to Europe to bring the latest technologies, products and green city solutions. BYD Vision is to Cool the Earth by 1℃. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s close to the global temperature scientists say can trigger dramatic sea-level rise, more destructive storms, and heat waves.
  • And last but not least BYD manufactures its own eco-systems and semiconductor chips, a big advantage in our delivery capabilities.

What is the quality of the BYD car range?

BYD brings high tech, sustainable mobility solutions (and battery technology) to European customers. BYD cars are highly spec’d, have high tech DNA, modern/latest technology on board: much more than you would expect. 

Will the brand stick around?

BYD is being distributed in Ireland by Motor Distributors Limited (MDL).  MDL, a company recognised as one of Ireland’s leading and most distinguished motor vehicles distributors. Since the 1940s, MDL has served as distributors in Ireland for many of the world’s leading motor brands. Following extensive research in the global electric vehicle market, BYD is their latest chosen brand to import into Ireland. 

By March 2023, over 3.9 million BYD NEVs have been produced for operation in 70 countries and regions, and 400+ cities around the world, reducing CO2 emissions by 29 million tonnes.

Initially, the BYD Atto 3 will be available through dealerships in Dublin and Cork cities - BYD North Dublin, Navan Road; BYD South Dublin, Deansgrange and BYD Cork Eastgate Business Park, Little Island.

Additional sales dealerships to be announced shortly. 

What about after care?

BYD is currently sold in 3 locations in Ireland through MSL Motor Group (MSL) – BYD North Dublin, Navan Road Dublin 7, BYD South Dublin in Deansgrange, and BYD Cork at Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, with additional dealers to be announced shortly.

After-Sales care will be delivered through these outlets and all are experienced Sales and After-Sales dealers in Ireland for over fifty years. For additional peace of mind, all BYD cars with a comprehensive 6-year vehicle warranty, 8-year battery warranty, and a 12-year Anti-Corrosion warranty.  BYD ATTO 3 comes with a two-year service plan offering free of charge replacement of tyres, front brake pads and wiper blades should they need to be replaced. 

Fast charging will not affect our battery and can be used safely. The fast-charging model has been tested and matched to vehicle under different condition of SOC.

When your EV will not be used for a longer time period, we suggest leaving the vehicle with 30-50% SOC in the battery and remove the cathode wire of the 12V battery.

Your Privacy

Data security is fundamental to BYD. BYD takes privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting customer information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

BYD always respects and protects personal privacy. All data related to vehicles will be stored on servers in the European Union, or directly in the vehicle. BYD will not collect personal data without authorization, and will only carry out data processing activities in compliance with the GDPR and other legal requirements. BYD has implemented corresponding encryption and protection measures for the process of data storage and transmission ensuring our best efforts to safeguard data security.